My 20 Favorite Photos from 2018

No models here - these are my top 20 favorite real client images from 2018! (This list was supposed to be 10, then 12, then 15…. you get the idea.) You’ll notice that they’re not my glossiest or most “perfect” pictures. They feature random bystanders wandering through the frame, and unexpected expressions. They’re not all set against some fabulous or perfectly styled backdrop, (though some of them are!) But these are the ones that kind of hooked me nonetheless, that I returned to over and over again this year, that reminded me - “This is the kind of photographer I want to be.” I really do fall in love a little bit with every person I photograph, and I’m so grateful for all the people who stepped in front of my camera this year. 2018 has been a beautiful, blessed year of growth for me, and I’m excited for all 2019 has to offer. Enjoy some of my favorite shots, and have a Happy New Year!