Cakes are eaten. Flowers fade. But moments persist through photography.

Of all things you pay for on your wedding day, your photographs are the only thing you keep.  While you’ll never get another slice of your cake, and you’ll (probably!) never wear your dress again, your wedding photos will serve as an enduring reminder of one of the most sacred and transformative days of your life. With that in mind, we suggest you find a photographer whose style is timeless, whose photography coverage is thorough, and who makes you & your fiancé feel comfortable


Your wedding photos will endure through decades of marriage. Through moves, life changes, joys and tragedy, they will ultimately become part of your family’s history and legacy. As a photographer, I’m here to help you create timeless art out of your own life moments. Together, we’ll create images that you’ll want to revisit over and over again, that will remind of your best times, that will pinpoint how you looked, felt and reacted on the day your life changed forever. 


Our goal is comprehensive coverage of your day. We aim to deliver a photography collection that memorializes all the big and tiny elements that make your wedding day totally different from anyone else’s. From the flowers, to the clothing, to the environment, to the special people involved, no detail is too small to escape our notice!  Careful consultation before your wedding ensures we know what’s important to you so it can be captured by our team.


On your wedding day, nobody spends more hours glued to your side than your photographer. From the early morning makeup session, to the last guests tearing up your dance floor, we’re there riding the roller-coaster with you, and capturing all the action. I view it as a privilege to be invited into the intimate, joy-filled and crazy moments that make up someone’s wedding day. I invest in building a relationship with all of my clients so that my (constant) presence on your wedding day is comfortable, welcome and known. 

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& Couples Sessions

Beginning at $400


Intimate Weddings

& Elopements

Beginning at $1500

(Restrictions apply)


Full Day

Wedding Coverage

Beginning at $2500


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I'm based outside Philadelphia, PA, but available for travel all across God's green earth. I've photographed faces in rural Arkansas, kept it weird in Portland, swooned over sunsets in Florida, shot on moving subways in NYC and more. 

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