Meet Emma

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I’m Emma, and I fall a little bit in love with every person I photograph. I live in the Philadelphia suburbs, and the things that make me happiest include slow weekend mornings, live music, Mexican food and Netflix comedy specials.

I've always been inspired by the magic of photography. I can vividly remember being 8 years old, and snapping through an entire roll of film during the "Shamu Show" at Sea World.  I’m endlessly fascinated by the uniqueness and the beauty of every person I photograph - I marvel at God’s glory and creativity communicated in every face.

Info & FAQ

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What’s the process for booking A Wedding?

I typically start out having a phone call or video chat with interested couples. I’ll ask you about yourselves and your love story - where did you meet, what do you like to do together, what do you envision for your wedding day? If we feel like I’m a good fit for your wedding photographer, I’ll send you a custom made quote or online proposal for your wedding day. I pride myself on quick response times and I’m always happy to answer any questions!

To reserve a wedding date - I require a 50% booking fee which can be paid online using a credit card or bank transfer. After you’ve booked your date - yay! - I’ll send you a client survey so I have a better sense of the specifics of your family, venues, and the sort of photos you want taken.

4-6 weeks before your wedding date - We’ll reconnect again via phone or Skype and talk details! We’ll hash out your timeline and I’ll make sure I’m aware of any special situations among your family or friends. I can give as much or little input into the planning of your wedding day timeline as you like - I’m happy to give advice and pointers. I’ll get a sense of any special details you’re especially wanting me to capture and double check addresses and contact information for your big day.

1 month before your wedding date - The remainder of your balance will be due. I do have an automated email system to remind you!

WEDDING DAY - You have the best. day. ever. I’m there on time, dressed professionally, armed with all the resources to capture your wedding day.

6 - 12 weeks after your wedding - You’ll receive an online, downloadable, password-protected gallery of your individually edited wedding photos. Have the Kleenex ready.

If you’ve ordered an album - I’ll reach out with your album options and let you know how to indicate your photo choices within your online gallery. Once you’ve selected your photos, I’ll email you proofs of your album “spreads” so you can approve the layout before your album goes to print. 3 - 4 weeks after you’ve approved your spreads, your album arrives in the mail at your front door, ready to be displayed on your coffee table!


What's unique about Your client experience?

I only take on a limited number of weddings every year because client interaction & experience is such an important part of the equation for me.

I view it as a privilege to be invited into the intimate, emotional, joy-filled and sometimes crazy moments that make up someone’s life - especially their wedding day. I try to approach every interaction with my clients and their guests from that place of respect and reverence. I’m highly sensitive to the needs and the comfort level of the couples I work with - carefully gauging and capturing the crucial moments of the day without interfering or orchestrating artificial set-ups.  

A good photographer understands that you’re not a professional model, you’re surrounded by dozens of people you haven’t seen in years, and that you’re about to make the biggest promise of your life. Clients always comment with gratitude on my flexibility and skill in making them feel comfortable in front of my camera lens.

What inspires Your work?

Each wedding is its own unique experience and it’s my challenge to represent that accurately and artistically.  Despite how similar the traditions seem, no two couples are alike, no two wedding days are alike.

I have to laugh when I hear some photographers bemoan the “church wedding” as boring, because from my perspective, the spiritual side of a wedding day is the most dramatic, mysterious part. Couples who share that idea tend to be drawn to my work.

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Do You Ever Offer Discounts?

I offer a 10% referral discount on wedding packages to friends and family of previous brides and grooms! I’ll occasionally offer specials on headshot or mini portrait sessions - follow me on Instagram to stay in the loop and be notified!

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Do You Travel?

Yes please! I'm based outside Philadelphia, PA, but available for travel all across God's green earth. I've photographed faces in rural Arkansas, kept it weird in Portland, swooned over sunsets in Florida, shot on moving subways in NYC and more. 

Wedding Day travel is included within 100 miles of West Chester, PA (my hometown!) Travel fees may apply for portrait or engagement sessions more than 25 miles away. For wedding day destinations more than 100 miles away, I work with couples on an individual basis and make travel arrangements based on their unique circumstances.


Can you Recommend Other Vendors?

I've gotten the chance to work with some amazing professionals in the wedding industry, both on the East Coast and nationwide! In case the vision for your perfect day is still coming together, here's a list of awesome wedding vendors I know and trust to help make planning your day a little easier. Click here for the whole list!