Mount Hood, Oregon Farm Wedding | Kaitlin + Andrew

So, it’s a normal thing to want to live your OWN wedding day over again….but is it weird if I want to live someone else’s….?!? I’m having the HARDEST time not blogging all 1300 photos from Kaitlin and Andrew’s magical wedding day at the base of Mount Hood, Oregon, but I've managed to restrain myself for now. Kaitlin and Andrew got married surrounded by love, nature and all their best friends. From our first phonecalls and emails, they stressed how important their friends were - how their bridal parties would play a huge part in their day, and how excited they were to get married surrounded by their favorite people. From the early morning "getting ready" shots until the shuttle departing for the after-party, it was so cool to see this huge, tight knit group of people rallying around them and celebrating their love - not to mention working the dance floor like their lives depended on it! Enjoy the photos of this glorious Oregon wedding day!