Upper Manhattan Proposal Session | Justo + Jessica

One of my favorite things about photography is being a witness to the emotional moments when peoples' lives radically change. Speaking from my own experience here - proposals, weddings and other special events sweep over you with SUCH speed and intensity that they leave your stomach churning, and your brain going, "Wait, did that actually just happen?!"

My advice is partner with a good photographer and create art out of your own life moments that you'll want to revisit over and over again, that will remind of your best times, that will pinpoint how you looked / felt / reacted on the days when beautiful new changes came rushing into your world. Good photography is an investment! It's such an important gift to give your relationship.

As a videographer himself, Justo gets this! He pulled out all the stops to create a striking, memorable proposal experience for his future bride (and future step-daughter!)  The candle-lit Upper Manhattan chapel he chose is a testament to the central importance of prayer in their relationship. 

Enjoy! And congrats to these two on the start of a beautiful new phase of life!